Optical Design Consultancy

Indirian offers custom optical design, utilising decades of design experience to provide quality optical solutions. Our design team has experience working with clients of all scales, from global engineering giants to small enterprises, designers will work with you to create optical systems tailored to your needs.

                            Visible Wavelength Spectrometers

In addition to our consultancy work, Indirian is also working towards a range of of visible wavelength spectrometers. Our forthcoming LPS model covers the eye-visible spectrum from 450 to 700nm but our flexible design allows for a range of waveband and spectral resolution options, allowing you to specify a unit configured to your individual requirements. At Indirian we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a product that meets your exact spectrometry needs.

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The Indirian LPS is our flagship model. Flexible, robust and accurate, it combines high quality optical design with our own purpose designed sofware to provide quick and easy analysis.

As we both design and build our own spectrometers, at Indirian we can provide a high level of flexibilty in our products. If you have a specific design requirement that our standard models don't meet we can work with you to create just what you need. Whether it's an ultra wide spectral range, greater spectral resolution or the addition of specific filters, we can work with you to build the spectrometer that you require.

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Design Consultancy

Indirian offers an optical design consultancy service. In addition to designing any optical components required, we will work with your design team to determine how best to mount and integrate those components within your design.

Our design work to date ranges from illumination solutions to camera lenses, from small sights and endoscopic probes to telescopes and metre scale spectral scanners. 

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About Us

At Indirian we use our extensive knowledge of optics to produce high quality optical designs and instruments. Our in-house optical design team has over 50 years of optical design experience and have worked with companies large and small all around the globe.

Indirian is based in Cambridgeshire, UK.