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About Us

Indirian was formed in 2015 with the aim of providing accurate, reliable spectrometry solutions at affordable prices. Our team already has over fifty years experience in optical design, providing consultancy based optical solutions. It was during one of these projects that we realised that there was no spectrometer on the market that could quickly and affordably provide us with the information we needed... so we built one ourselves. Now instead of just providing single bespoke designs, we would develop our own line of ready made spectrometers.



Great optics alone aren't enough though, the user interface is critical too. At Indirian we have our own team of software developers which allows us to produce user interfaces designed specifically for each model we produce. This allows us to streamline the user experience, providing only the options that are appropriate for your needs without added clutter and confusion.By having our own team we are also able to tailor our software to specific requirements and respond to customer requests